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The following details the advertising available:

Exclusive Advertising Spots
We currently offer 3 types of ads:

1. Premium Ads
30€ /month

Banner ads are like everything else in life: You get what you pay for... Quality doesn't come cheap. "Best Buy"
Best offer! Buy two months or more and get one side banner (428x1000px) free!


Banner 728x90 px

2. Basic Ads
10€ /month

Banner ads are still powerful tools for building brand recognition. We try and keep things simple with flat pricing of 10€ per banner...


Banner 160x110 px

3. Classic Ads
25€ /month

Larger banner ads do allow for more creativity and room to transmit a message but bear in mind that people are only likely to glance at the banner so keep the message simple.


Banner 160x600 px

Standard Static Web Banner (.gif, .jpg, .png) - No animation, single frame graphic
Standard Animated Web Banner (.gif) - Displays static frames one after another simulating animation
NO Flash Web Banner (.swf, .fla)!

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Banner ads
per month

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- Category:
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